Fast Facts 

  Why Trees?  Trees are carbon sequesters, they absorb and store CO2 plus, they produce oxygen, purify our air and water.

  32% of all green house gases are offset by the land sector, forests provide 90% of the national carbon capture in the US.

  How many Trees are needed to offset the average American carbon footprint - 1,025 Trees each Tree absorbs about 31lbs. of       carbon dioxide a year.


  Carbon offsetting: A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or other gases made in order to compensate

  for emissions made elsewhere.

Ways to be mindful


 We all produce carbon dioxide (C02) directly or indirectly, when we use products produced using fossil fuels. We directly produce    carbon dioxide when we drive a car or take a flight, we also indirectly produce carbon dioxide when we eat food that has been      produced with artificial fertilizers and pesticides, (which are made from oil.)

Transportation- walk, bike and carpool

Unplug -  Unplug items when not in use

              Lower thermostat

              Dry clothes outside

              Shorter showers

              Use LED bulbs and switch to smart appliances

 Food -   Eat less meat

             Shop and support your local sustainable farmer

             Shop with reusable bags and use netting bags and waxed cloth instead of plastic wrap for food

             Grow a garden

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