Join us and become a steward of our land and of our future.


"What we are doing to the forest of the world is but a mirror refection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another." Mahatma Gandhi


The world is faced with an environmental crisis in multiple areas from our oceans to the very air we breath. This is an urgent call to action and it will require every one of us to come forward and contribute, from individuals to corporations. We are fortunate to live in such a prosperous country, yet it has been to the detriment of our environment. Our GDP has stolen our future and it is time to heal the way we do business. There needs to be a paradigm shift, we can conduct business with a conscience, with a sustainable future in mind. Growth without a conscience is unsustainable. The climate crisis is not a technology fix, our planet has all the inherent resources and the regeneration capabilities, but we have to help with the healing process. Tree planting could shrink by 1/5 by 2050 our carbon gas issue, it is a climate change solution that does not require government action and is the cheapest solution, everyone can play a part. The Tithing Tree's initiative is to foster a new stewardship between individuals and business large and small. Encourage giving, tithing, to contribute to our renewed sustainable future. We hope to inspire a renewed sense of stewardship of our planet and give everyone the opportunity to take action in healing the planet and creating a new future, one centered on inclusion and connectivity. Current events in our world today magnify the need for each of us to rethink how we live our lives and how we relate to our neighbors. Through seeing the we, a transformation will take place not only in the hearts of individuals, but their communities and the world around them will resonate with a renewed sense of hope.


The Tithing Tree is a non profit organization and our mission is to encourage and foster a new stewardship and connectivity to the World around us and give opportunity to individuals and businesses to take action in reversing climate change. Reforestation is a long lasting sustainable solution. 32% of all green house gases could be offset by the land sector. The environment and humanity are suffering due to the growth at all costs philosophy that currently exists, in the way that we as individuals live our lives and in the business community. Most investments are made out of self interest, we will turn investments into a net good for the community and the environment, which will lead to global security for all. Be a part of the solution and help us build a new paradigm of conscious capitalism. Tithing through financial contributions will be used to acquire land, reforestation, community outreach, youth education and for initiatives that will forge a renewed connection with our world and the integral role that we each have to play in it. We hope to encourage and inspire a renewed sense of stewardship of our Virginia home and our Earth. The Tithing Tree will give everyone in our community, the ability to take action and unite, as a brotherhood, to begin to heal the Earth and each other. Our common bond of humanity is far greater than any conflict or challenge, together all is surmountable.


  • We are seeking to raise the level of ambition and spending within the private and non private sector, to encourage a tithing commitment, which will lead to exponential reforestation action.

  • Estate planning/ Stock donations/ individual donations/ Grant contributions/Land Trusts& private land conservation.

  • Tithing contributions will go to reforestation and regreening of America.

  • Reforestation

  • Habitat renewal

  • Legislation

  • We will pursue legislation which will encourage reforestation: urban tree and garden initiatives, park involvement and agriculture property tax benefits received for reforestation.


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