Our Projects. 


Through your support you are playing an integral part in creating a sustainable future for us all.

Tithing contributions:

  The Tithing Tree will seek to develop relationships with individuals, small businesses and large corporations and encourage a tithing commitment. Through tithing we hope to foster a collaborative approach to combating climate change and awaken and encourage individuals to redefine their responsibility to the whole and unite as one to  contribute to our shared destiny. To expand our efforts we work with a variety of environmental groups that share our vision of regreening America. 


  Your contribution will help our reforestation partners plant trees and restore forests throughout the United States. Deforestation and it's devastating effects are not just occuring in the Amazon; forests in the U.S. are disappearing at a rapid rate. Reforesting vulnerable swaths of land will help to restore fragile ecosystems, capture carbon, and clean the air. Currently, there are 1.3 million acres of forests in need of replanting, afforestation will make them more resilient to the escalating impacts from megafires, drought, pests and disease. The benefits are innumerable: 1.1 million metric tons of carbon emissions will be sequestered, and fragile ecosystems will be reinvigorated. The United States has ample room to restore trees to the landscape across the country without reducing food production, we could plant 60 billion new trees by 2040 which could remove up to 540 million tons of C02 per year equal to all the emissions from US agriculture. Our collaboration projects will focus efforts on increasing tree density in eastern forests, fire ravaged areas, industrial and degraded land across the country and projects that implement conservation practices to ensure forests are maintained sustainably. The Tithing Tree will provide critical support to our partners on a local, state and global level. Please become an agent of change ,with your help we can be a part of the solution in healing our World,  and creating a new  ethos of giving.




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